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It Needed Repeating

I’ve long wondered why President Bush has failed to repeat the reasoning for invading Iraq. The logic is simple and beliefs were shared by many, including those who became critics after the fact. September 11th made clear that terrorists were … Continue reading

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Iran: Nuclear Hedging or Acquisition?

In the spirit of my last post, I’d like to pose a very simple question to readers: Is Iran attempting to acually acquire nuclear weapons or employing the tried and true strategy of nuclear hedging? The acquisition of nuclear weapons … Continue reading

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Why States are Important in the WoT

One major and poorly explained reason for the invasion of Iraq was not the the physical presence of WMD but the willingness of a state with WMD capability and/or weapons to train and equip terrorists and possibly provide them with … Continue reading

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OIF Original Aims

Five years and going, the Iraq War has been subject to more spin, hyperbole and misinformation that anything else in our time. According to Douglas Feith, in his new book War and Decision, the two biggest errors of the Bush … Continue reading

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