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War without Boundaries

In the aftermath of the recent mail bombs sent from Yemen to the Unites States, the White House may finally have been pushed over the line to officially begin an unofficial war against Yemen. The Obama administration is debating a … Continue reading

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Forcing Ourselves to Define & Declare Victory

With all the discussion of the official end to US combat operations in Iraq, a key point for critics and proponents of the war and the current President is whether we have really won. Indeed, approximately 50,000 American troops remain … Continue reading

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A Fault Line of the Persian Gulf War

One key fault line in the Arab world is the divide between countries ruled by hereditary monarchs – the Emirs, Sultans, and Kings of the region — and those countries that overthrew monarchs or won independence and established republican governments. … Continue reading

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Yemen: Geography Matters!

Yemen is probably the most misunderstood international story in the Western mass media since… well, Uganda in September 2009. As was the case during the Uganda uprising, I believe the problem originates in the ignorance of regionalism in Yemen, or … Continue reading

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In Defense of Drones

Farhat Taj has a very interesting article in the Daily Times (Pakistan) that vigorously justifies drone attacks. Taj’s credentials are curious — she is a research fellow at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Gender Research at the University of Oslo, and … Continue reading

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Azerbaijan Preparing for War?

According to a French negotiator, the usual “progress” (that occurs in all peace talks before they fail) is occurring in current talks between Armenia and Azerbaijan over Nagorno-Karabagh. Yet, far more interesting than the lack of actual information from that … Continue reading

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N’oublions jamais

Throughout the years here at Coming Anarchy, we have not forgotten. 2008: 90th Anniversary: Lest we forget 2007: Remember 2006: 1 minute silence at 11:11 on 11/11 and Armistice Day 2005: Lest we forget 2004: Belated Remembrance Day

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All quiet on the blogging front

For the past couple of weeks I have had some extra time and have been missing my days at graduate school. I decided to pretend like I was a student again, flex the muscle between my ears, and catch up … Continue reading

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Fantastical map of WWI Europe

Amazing caricature map of 1914 Europe by artist Keith Thompson for the steampunkesque WWI graphic novel Leviathan. The commentary actually gives some insight regarding the outlooks of the Great Powers at the time of the real First World War.

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“Before man was, war waited for him.”

So Craig Mullaney quotes Cormac McCarthy in his highly regarded memoir The Unforgiving Minute: A Soldier’s Education. Very fitting for a story of a young idealist that discovers the price of leadership in a tragic firefight in Afghanistan. First things … Continue reading

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