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Interagency Work

Via Bruce Schneier. Watch and wait for it.

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Four Pakistan Scenarios

While recently doing research on Pakistan (my least favorite country in the world), I’ve developed four short scenarios to help myself and others think about alternative futures for that country and the implications for US policy as well as the … Continue reading

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Thinking Mumbai and Terrorist Motivations

From the WSJ: With bullets lodged in both arms, suspected terrorist Mohammed Ajmal Kasab could no longer hold the AK-47 rifle police say he used to kill dozens of people during his three-hour rampage through Mumbai. So he and a … Continue reading

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Yesterday morning, near Kandahar, an IED claimed the lives of three Canadian soldiers. The CF fatality count in Afghanistan has now reached “one hundred”:http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/story/CTVNews/20081205/kandahar_dead_081205/20081205?hub=Canada&s_name. I do not think that this purely psychological milestone will hinder public support for Canada’s mission … Continue reading

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China to Afghanistan?

Thanks to Chief Wiggum for the head’s up. Treat this as suspect for the moment, as I’ve only found this article on it so far. But if true, it could be a major turn in Afghanistan. Brown: Chinese may join … Continue reading

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Crosser Border Attack in Syria

Along with secret authorization to step up US attacks in Pakistan, the President has now authorized attacks in Syria. According to the AP, DAMASCUS, Syria (AP) – U.S. military helicopters attacked territory inside Syria close to its border with Iraq … Continue reading

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Germany Renews Afghanistan Mandate

Here is a quick summary of an article in the Tagesschau, a German language news source. Background Under the German constitution, only parliament has the power to send German troops into combat, not the Chancellor. This condition is based on … Continue reading

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The Terrorist Threat Environment Today

My last post asked readers several questions relating to the threat of jihadist terrorism. As promised, I’d like to present my take on the current threat picture by answering the question I posed and elaborating further. How do you breakdown … Continue reading

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A Clear Threat Picture of Terrorism

Now that the seven year anniversary of 9/11 is behind us and readers have seen the many commentaries by leading counterterrorism experts, bloggers and journalists, it is time to ask whether after seven years we have a clear understanding and … Continue reading

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Where Kinetic Ops Cant Compete

While I and other commentators have welcomed increased US strikes into the ungoverned Pakistani tribal areas, a recent article brings to light part of the complexities of our more aggressive strategy. There have been five strikes within the last twelve … Continue reading

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