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What Energy Dependence???

With the current primaries and upcoming presidential election, on top of rising oil prices, one favorite phrase of candidates and media outlets is energy dependence and energy independence. Yet, outside of buzz words, how dependent is the US on foreign … Continue reading

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Message or Creative Solution

With China’s not so subtle attempt to deter the US from weaponizing space by blowing up a satellite last year, one must view the current “problem” as an opportune moment to answer back: US Plans to Shoot Down Broken Satellite … Continue reading

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Owning the Issues

Germany’s moderately left Social Democrats (SPD) are proposing sanctions on what they deem to be wasteful American products, i.e. those that use too much energy such as cars. This comes of course as both France and Germany oppose new EU … Continue reading

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Be Careful What You Wish For

The border between Iraq and Turkey has been heating up the past few weeks and has reached a boiling point. Yesterday, a clash on the border claimed the lives of around 17 Turkish soldiers and over 30 PKK militants. The … Continue reading

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Al Gore Nobel Peace Prize? Cool it!

Saint…? Anti-Christ…? Or neither? In the public debate on environmental policy and global warming, there appear to be only alarmists and deniers. There are those who feel that global warming is the greatest threat facing humanity today, that we must … Continue reading

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National Service

Time Magazine runs a cover story about national service which was recently hotly debated here at Coming Anarchy. Interested readers should take a look. A snippet: But there is something else we are seeing in the land. Polls show that … Continue reading

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A Civil Service Proposal

A recent post at FP Passport notes that around 60% of American teenagers are basically uninterested in what’s happening, including the Iraq war. It concludes: “I bet that if the military draft came back, though, you’d suddenly find U.S. teens … Continue reading

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1973 and 2001

On October 17, 1973, members of Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries chose to embargo the United States, Western Europe and Japan for their support of Israel in the Yom Kippur War. Both the United States and Japan responded by … Continue reading

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