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Think about that slowly. . .

Turkey is upset about the resolutions in the United States and Sweden regarding the alleged Armenian Genocide. Logical reaction from Turkey? Threaten to deport 100,000+ Armenians because it worked out so well the first time and all. “There are currently … Continue reading

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Turkey Looks East

From June 26-30, Turkish President Abdullah Gul visited China, visiting the capital of Beijing, the cultural city of Xi’an, and the heart of Turkic China, Urumqi. His visit brough the signing of major bilateral business cooperation pacts worth more than … Continue reading

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Quick Nuclear News

Today’s nuclear news unsurprisingly involves Russia, both times. First of all, Russia and Venezuela may sign a cooperation agreement leading Russia to construct nuclear power plants and supply the necessary fuel for them. Putin greeted Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, on … Continue reading

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The Chirol Plan in Action

Two years ago, I discussed the spread of radical Islam by Saudia Arabia and proposed countering the well funded extremist influence with a more moderate and modern version of Islam, namely that of Turkey. Here’s a short version of what … Continue reading

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Turks Enter Iraq Again

I noted a few days ago that Turkey was preparing for further incursions into Iraqi Kurdistan as well as anti-PKK operations at home. BBC has just reported that Turkish troops have entered Iraq Turkish forces have crossed into Iraq to … Continue reading

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Back to Iraq?

FP Passport notes an article in the Turkish news regarding military preparations for further strikes within both Iraqi Kurdistan and Turkish Kurdistan. The TSK is currently developing its strategy for the operation, which will most likely be launched in the … Continue reading

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Paying the Bill

While most of the news about Kenya’s ongoing violence and instability focuses on the human aspect, that is, individual stories of loss and trauma, tragedy will continue to visit the country even after stability and peace return. Kenya has proven … Continue reading

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Turkey in 2007

With 70 million people of a variety of ethnic groups and religions, eight international borders and a growing economy, Turkey is a real up and comer in both the region and the world. Yet, smack in the center of the … Continue reading

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From Baku to Kars

The Caucasus isn’t just a region of overlapping ethnicity and religion, but one of clashing national interests. It is home to three regional conflicts and cursed by natural resources. Thus it is with great pleasure that we read some positive … Continue reading

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PKK to Kansas?

Since the founding of the Republic, Turkey’s archenemies have been those whose who harbor legitimate claims against their territory: Greeks, Armenians and Kurds. Ankara’s deepest fears always involve some conspiracy consisting of several of the aforementioned groups collaborating against them … Continue reading

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