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Oh and by the way . . .

The 2001 Anthrax attacks have yet to be solved and the case is still open. I think this is something some of us know but the details of the article will interest you. For the sake of conjecture, I’d posit … Continue reading

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In Defense of Drones

Farhat Taj has a very interesting article in the Daily Times (Pakistan) that vigorously justifies drone attacks. Taj’s credentials are curious — she is a research fellow at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Gender Research at the University of Oslo, and … Continue reading

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“Singing like a canary”… until advised of his right to silence.

The chance to secure crucial information about al-Qaeda operations in Yemen was lost because the Obama administration decided to charge and prosecute Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab as an ordinary criminal, critics say. He is said to have reduced his co-operation with … Continue reading

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Education Will Not Save Us

The Minister mentioned one of the [Sierra Leone] coup’s leaders, Solomon Anthony Joseph Musa, who shot the people who had paid for his schooling, “in order to erase the humiliation and mitigate the power his middle-class sponsors held over him.” … Continue reading

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Two Great Pakistan Articles

While doing research for my trip to Iraq in 2007, I came across an article written by independent Basque journalist Karlos Zurutuza. He was one of the very few sources I could find who’d been there recently and did so … Continue reading

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Insurgents Hacking Drone

Fresh from the WSJ this morning.It seems Iraqi insurgents are beginning to steal signals from US drones. Evidence backing John Robb’s Global Guerillas theory seems to mount daily. Here’s the article Militants in Iraq have used $26 off-the-shelf software to … Continue reading

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Don’t execute Khalid Sheik Mohammed

I’m trying to understand US Attorney General Holder’s decision to try 9/11 “mastermind,” Khalid Sheik Muhammed, in a domestic court of law. Proponents state that KSM will be given a more fair trial in a federal court than what he … Continue reading

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AQ Parody Video

I can’t help but posting this. In all seriousness, why aren’t we using more ideas like this to fight the infowar? Tactics like the recent ‘butt bomber’ just beg for such parody and are a great means of discrediting al-Qaeda. … Continue reading

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Mr Deity on 9/11

Seeing as the anniversary is next week, this could be one of his more controversial pieces. Brilliant writing nonetheless. See the whole series at mrdeity.com.

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“Stop calling them terrorists”

As the Somali pirates have a strong week, attacking more ships and capturing hostages, the word “terrorism” is coming up in many news stories. Most recently, my learned colleague wrote about the FT’s editorial that asserted we should “stop calling … Continue reading

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