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The Grope that Ended a Dynasty

Charlie Wilson, the quiet Congressional backer of the Mujahadeen in Afghanistan during the Soviet War who recently passed away, is known primarily for his work in Afghanistan, popularized through the recent film Charlie Wilson’s War. What is not well known … Continue reading

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In Praise of Military Coups

President Manuel Zelaya of Honduras was elected in 2006 as a left-leaning moderate, but he took radical measures after forming an alliance with Hugo Chávez, and his presidency was marked with financial irregularities, a rapid weakening of the Honduran economy, … Continue reading

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Quick Thoughts on Honduras

As political leaders begin to make statements bordering on the ridiculous, let me briefly recap what has happened in Honduras. Former President Manuel Zelaya, ally of Venezuelan thug in chief Hugo Chavez, sought to illegally hold a referendum on changing … Continue reading

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Everyone But the US is in South America

It would seem there’s a great power vacancy in Latin America and now, several powers are looking to muscle their way in. This represents a growing national security threat to the United States. China hawks have long been concerned with … Continue reading

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Back to the Future

Curzon recently posted on the fifteen year anniversary of Kaplan’s The Coming Anarchy . An excerpt from the book reads West Africa is becoming the symbol of worldwide demographic, environmental, and societal stress, in which criminal anarchy emerges as the … Continue reading

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Greetings everyone from Caracas!

The following is an abridged and duly anonymized summary of a friend’s thoughts having arrived as a US diplomat in Caracas, Venezuela. It’s two weeks today that I arrived, and Caracas is as every bit exciting as I thought it … Continue reading

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Latin American in denial on education systems

From the Miami Herald, abridged: Latin Americans are in denial on education system By ANDRES OPPENHEIMER A new poll shows that, amazingly, Latin Americans are much happier with their countries’ public education systems than people in other regions that score … Continue reading

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Fishing for coke!

If you are into high stakes angling, it seems Nicaragua is the place to be. Locals in “Tasbapauni”:http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2007/oct/09/international.mainsection2 and “Bluefields”:http://www.nzherald.co.nz/topic/story.cfm?c_id=272&objectid=10491443&pnum=0 have been fishing for the elusive “white lobster” — 35 kilo bales of cocaine. Drug trafficking routes from Columbia and … Continue reading

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The Beard is Out

Breaking News: Fidel Castro announces retirement Cuba’s ailing leader Fidel Castro has announced he will not return to the presidency, in a letter published by official Communist Party paper, Granma. “I neither will aspire to, nor will I accept, the … Continue reading

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Venezuela Update

As if Venezuela couldn’t get any crazier with Chavez engaging in battles of insults with the King of Spain and President of Colombia, everyone’s favorite buffoon-president is now signing oil production agreements with Belarus of all places (showing once again … Continue reading

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