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Pirate Stock Exchange Open for Business

For those still peddling the line that piracy is carried out by poor, starving Africans, victimized by evil European fisherman, this article not only provides evidence to the contrary, but speaks to the advanced nature of it in both a … Continue reading

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The Somali pirate intelligence network

Apparently based in London and extending to include Yemen, Dubai and the Suez Canal. I was, naively I suppose, a bit surprised to read of this new element of savvy. Given enough time, ample money and counter piracy pressure the … Continue reading

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Kaplan’s Latest on Piracy

Thanks to Chief Wiggum for a head’s up on Kaplan’s latest article in the New York Times entitled “Anarchy on Land means Piracy at Sea” . PIRACY is the maritime ripple effect of anarchy on land. Somalia is a failed … Continue reading

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Hostile Takeovers or Good Corporate Governance?

Somali piracy has become a major news item, and most are blaming Somalia’s chronic anarchy. In truth, the pirates have become a highly organized business that originates in the stable civic society of Puntland in the north, not the chaos … Continue reading

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Kaplan on the Benefits, and Innocence, of Piracy

As U.S. Navy warships continue to surround the Ukrainian cargo ship holding weaponry in the Gulf of Aden recently hijacked by Somali pirates–who, realizing the reality of their situation, decrease their ransom daily–our patron saint Robert D. Kaplan writes about … Continue reading

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Bye Bye Sovereignty

The UN resolution allowing other countries to violate Somalia’s territorial waters in pursuit of pirates (as discussed before here) has passed. The UN Security Council has unanimously voted to allow countries to send warships into Somalia’s territorial waters to tackle … Continue reading

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Somalia Piracy Followup

Recently, I discussed the latest pirate attack in Somalia’s territorial waters and asked a series of questions about possible responses to it. My questions have been answered: In February, the United Nations adopted a resolution urging member states with ships … Continue reading

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Yet Another Pirate Attack near Somalia

With the high profile abduction of a French Yacht earlier this month, it seems the fun never stops off the coast of Somalia, if by fun, you mean piracy. According to the AFP, A major Japanese oil tanker was damaged … Continue reading

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