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Invade New Zealand

Hilarious satire of NZ tourist commercials. Via ARW.

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Four Lions: Terrorism and “the bunch of guys theory”

BoingBoing has an interview with Four Lions director Chris Morris that contains some excellent nuggets of real life terrorists being morons, serving thusly as inspiration for his comedy of (t)errors Four Lions. There are some brilliant episodes about asking for … Continue reading

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“Extremely” funny

This movie trailer for Four Lions made me “explode” with laughter. “You are gonna die in that gear, lads.” “S’all for a good cause though…” Innit, though?

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Queen Victoria walks into a bar…

Andy Zaltzman delivers the longest historical joke ever for The Bugle Episode 104a: Please, John, come back. Maybe you prefer your queens to be a little more randy? Check out the bit that Curzon posted a few weeks ago: It’s … Continue reading

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Fantastical map of WWI Europe

Amazing caricature map of 1914 Europe by artist Keith Thompson for the steampunkesque WWI graphic novel Leviathan. The commentary actually gives some insight regarding the outlooks of the Great Powers at the time of the real First World War.

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National Security Briefing in a Patrick Buchanan/Ron Paul administration

[Serial guest-blogger Dorzhiev tries his hand at satire. — YH] The year is 2012. Against all odds a Pat Buchanan/Ron Paul administration has taken control of the White House. Unhappy with the adventurism of past administrations President Buchanan drafts an … Continue reading

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Mr Deity on 9/11

Seeing as the anniversary is next week, this could be one of his more controversial pieces. Brilliant writing nonetheless. See the whole series at mrdeity.com.

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WWIII Propaganda posters

Via @Durf. See the whole set.

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Financial Security Advisory System Launched!

Today, the Treasury Department issued an announcement providing for the implementation of a financial security advisory system, recognizing that the world has changed since the sub-prime crisis. The press release was clear about the driving principles behind the introduction of … Continue reading

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Lawrence Livermore Laboratories has discovered the heaviest element yet known to science: Governmentium (Gv). The new element has one neutron, 25 assistant neutrons, 88 deputy neutrons, and 198 assistant deputy neutrons, giving it an atomic mass of 312. These 312 … Continue reading

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