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Take back “realism”

One of my favourite podcasts Philosophy Bites recently featured a political philosopher, Raymond Guess, that made me begin to rethink my take on political realism. He describes three different senses in which the term “realism” is used. The first is … Continue reading

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KISS: Hitchens on Orwell

In Christopher Hitchens’s interview with EconTalk about his book Why Orwell Matters, Hitchens praises George Orwell on his “plain honest speech, transparent political positions, detestation for euphemism and falsification” and argues (1:00:54~): The job of the intellectual, the so-called public … Continue reading

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Nine nonsense beliefs

Nils Gilman posted a series of “nonsense beliefs” on his Twitter account, but didn’t reproduce them on his blog for discussion, so I have taken the liberty to reproduce them here as I think Twitter is not a good forum … Continue reading

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American political rhetoric: “like ships passing in the night”

When Eris, the Greek goddess of strife, dropped the apple of discord in front of Hera, Athena and Aphrodite, the bickering that ensued over who was “the fairest” was both pointless and unworthy. Furthermore, in tragic Greek fashion, it is … Continue reading

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Mr Deity on 9/11

Seeing as the anniversary is next week, this could be one of his more controversial pieces. Brilliant writing nonetheless. See the whole series at mrdeity.com.

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Does ideology matter in art?

In the comments on my post about preparing your child for the coming anarchy an interesting side conversation broke out, one that I thought deserved its own post. The consensus of the commentary on that post was that reading was … Continue reading

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Policy option: ignore symbolism

I was happy to see so many comments on my “argument against French hypocrisy”:http://cominganarchy.com/2008/07/24/deny-his-citizenship/. Some agreed with my assessment; others did not, calling my reasoning “misleading” or “muddled.” I think my argument still stands when taken for what it is: … Continue reading

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History vs. Future

The esteemed Zenpundit and I have begun a discussion on comparative methodologies for historians and futurists that looks promising. See Mark’s “original post”:http://zenpundit.com/?p=2701 and “my comment”:http://zenpundit.com/?p=2701#comment-7116 that sparked his “detailed reply”:http://zenpundit.com/?p=2702 which “I then analyzed”:http://zenpundit.com/?p=2702#comment-7279. Please join the conversation over … Continue reading

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Edge: What have you changed your mind about?

Every year “The Edge Foundation”:http://www.edge.org/about_edge.html gets together the world’s foremost thinkers and scientists to answer a question of the year. For 2008: When thinking changes your mind, that’s philosophy. When God changes your mind, that’s faith. When facts change your … Continue reading

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