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OPEC, Evil Genius Cartel?

I was somewhat surprised to see this recently appear in a report on the future of energy published by HSBC. In a summary of that report just provided to me: OPEC plays a tantalising game of making oil just about … Continue reading

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Kaplan Book Review

Robert Kaplan has a book review up in the WSJ of “Crude World.” A Gusher Of Trouble Why nations rich in oil are often plagued by poverty and corruption. By ROBERT D. KAPLAN Just as there was the Bronze Age … Continue reading

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Russia Surpasses Saudi Arabia

Russia oil production overtakes Saudi Arabia Russia is extracting more oil than Saudi Arabia, making it the biggest producer of “black gold” in the world, figures show. The statistics, from the OPEC, reflect a trend that has seen the Russians … Continue reading

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Cuba’s Big Oil Find?

The BBC has Cuba finding 20 billion barrels offshore. Background: Cuba has suffered from blackouts countrywise since 2004. Last year, high metal prices have boosted Cuban revenue from nickel and Cobalt. Due to ongoing electricity shortages, the government has continued … Continue reading

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A Tyrant’s Habits Die Hard

Libya is no longer listed as a sponsor of terrorism by the US, but don’t forget that Libya remains a dictatorship ruled at the pleasure of Moammar Gadhafi. Just Wednesday, Libya’s state-owned oil company Tamoil said that it stopped all … Continue reading

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Angola beats Nigeria

No, I’m not talking about the Olympics. Angola recently beat out Nigeria to become Africa’s largest oil producer, exceeding its 1.9 million barrel a day OPEC quota. Angola shows that, while mega producers such as Saudi Arabia cannot meet the … Continue reading

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Already adapting to the post-oil future

In the novel “World Made By Hand”:http://www.worldmadebyhand.com/, authour “James Howard Kunstler”:http://www.kunstler.com (interviewed “here”:http://www.comedycentral.com/colbertreport/videos.jhtml?videoId=167409 by Stephen Colbert) argues that American daily life will change drastically when the oil runs out. He sees no future for the city infrastructure that has grown … Continue reading

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What Energy Dependence???

With the current primaries and upcoming presidential election, on top of rising oil prices, one favorite phrase of candidates and media outlets is energy dependence and energy independence. Yet, outside of buzz words, how dependent is the US on foreign … Continue reading

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“New Great Game”? Says Who?

I was just checking out the wikipedia article for the “Great Game“, a phrase coined ala-”World War II” to describe a series of political and military events and which all the namesakes to this blog were contributors. In the article, … Continue reading

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Germany’s Oil Imports

With so much talk about energy and so much focus on the US, here’s a short overview of the situation in Germany. Being at the forefront of alternative energy and in fact the largest producer and user of it, does … Continue reading

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