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Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize

US President Barack Obama has won the Nobel Peace Prize for 2009. The president who has accomplished nothing in regard to anything has won a discredited prize — and in his first year in office, no less. The cult of … Continue reading

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Complete Video of Obama’s Cairo Speech

Provided by the White House.

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Only Nixon could go to China: Reconsidering “Why Obama Foreign Policy Scares Me”

A rough draft of this post was accidentally published before it was final. Sorry for the confusion. Since Obama took office, he has taken a very different policy standpoint on four major countries that have poor relations with the US … Continue reading

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Obama, Tested?

Prior to Obama being elected, I wrote that his foreign policy “scares me,” referring specifically to North Korea. Vice presidential candidate Biden said that Obama would be “tested” in his first year in office. Kaplan wrote that, if elected, Obama … Continue reading

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Another Sad Chapter in Racism

Today marks another sad yet ironic chapter in the history of American racism. Firstly because I believe Barack Obama was our first presidential ‘affirmative action hire’ and, secondly, and most importantly, because of the black/white dichotomy present in the minds … Continue reading

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The Opening Move?

Could this be the opening move towards a policy of engagement with Iran? I think so. According to Haaretz: U.S. President-elect Barack Obama’s administration will offer Israel a “nuclear umbrella” against the threat of a nuclear attack by Iran, a … Continue reading

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Although a McCain supporter and admittedly skeptical of Obama, if the latest CS Monitor is true, then I am very pleased to read about one of his major foreign policy goals: Kashmir. As the war in Afghanistan has gotten worse, … Continue reading

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Some Post Debate Thought

As every corner of the media will be saturated with this, I’ll keep my thoughts short. – I think McCain clearly came out on top of the debate. He stayed on the offensive, gave clear, decisive and in depth answers … Continue reading

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