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Bidens Speech on the US Nuclear Arsenal

Several days ago, US Vice President Joe Biden gave a speech at the National Defense University outlining the current administration’s arms control agenda. It included pushing for US ratification of the CTBT, the ongoing START talks with Russia and reducing … Continue reading

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Why does Iran want nukes?

With recent revelations of a previously undisclosed Iranian nuclear facility for uranium enrichment and a recent fit of long range missile testing, the issue of Iran’s nuclear ambition is reaching critical mass. However, what’s lost in the frenzy of media … Continue reading

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Japan won’t “just sit and wait for its own death”

North Korea’s increasingly bellicose demeanor, a second nuclear weapons test, various short and long range missile tests have prompted some unusually aggressive policy measures from Japan. Via Asia Times: <blockquote>The Japanese government, led by the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), … Continue reading

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Is China finally fed up with North Korea?

This Washington Post article presents a “fed up” China, <blockquote>The Chinese Foreign Ministry has admonished North Korea by saying it is “resolutely opposed” to the nuclear and missile tests. Official government news reports have proclaimed that China is “shocked” by … Continue reading

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