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North Korean Humor

Got this from a friend who deals with North Korea. Not in English but perhaps readers can identify the origin and meaning of it. Nevertheless quite funny!

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Photos: Daily life in North Korea

Italian journo Piergiorgio Pescali brings back pictures from North Korea. While not as artistic as FP’s gallery they do offer insight into how the daily lives of everyday North Koreans have changed in the past few years.

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The effects of a Japanese head of the IAEA

Yukiya Amano, a Japanese diplomat and long-time government specialist in arms control and nuclear nonproliferation, has been elected to be the next director-general of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). The end of three terms of Mohamed ElBaradei is an … Continue reading

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North Korea’s “Brilliant Comrade!”

One of the latest known photos of Kim Jong Un 1948 brought the world “Great Leader.” 1994 brought the world “Dear Leader.” 20?? will visit upon the world “Brilliant Comrade.” According to the AP (via Yahoo) Kim Jong Il’s successor, … Continue reading

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Is China finally fed up with North Korea?

This Washington Post article presents a “fed up” China, <blockquote>The Chinese Foreign Ministry has admonished North Korea by saying it is “resolutely opposed” to the nuclear and missile tests. Official government news reports have proclaimed that China is “shocked” by … Continue reading

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North Korea Second Nuclear Test

According to North Korea, it has just tested a second nuclear device. Thus far, it remains unconfirmed. This broke about 20 minutes ago and thus there is currently little more to report. My prediction assuming it is true? The world … Continue reading

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Obama, Tested?

Prior to Obama being elected, I wrote that his foreign policy “scares me,” referring specifically to North Korea. Vice presidential candidate Biden said that Obama would be “tested” in his first year in office. Kaplan wrote that, if elected, Obama … Continue reading

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Reverend Graham and the DPRK; or, how individuals can impact the course of human events

How can mere individuals affect human history and world events? And how can the impact be made? Former President Carter in the DPRK, 1994: An event that was a century in the making This may sound like a curious way … Continue reading

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The latest six-party talks have “stalled”:http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/7778105.stm. The six-party talks have outlived their usefulness in regards to solving the North Korean Nuclear issue. I have previously opined that the talks simply served as a diplomatic conduit between the US and China, … Continue reading

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Why Obama Foreign Policy Scares Me

The University of Georgia’s Professor Han S. Park, apparently a buddy of leading Obama Asia advisor Frank Jannuzi (also an East Asia specialist for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee), had this choice comment in the Korea Times (abridged): Q: Some … Continue reading

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