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Musical Chairs

Ichiro Ozawa resigned last week as leader of the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) over a fundraising scandal. The opposition democrats had a leadership election on Saturday and were faced with the choice between Yukio Hatoyama and Katsuya Okada, two … Continue reading

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Ikizukuri Sashimi

Ikizukuri (or ikitsukuri or iketsukuri) is a controversial Japanese method of preparing raw fish for consumption in which the fish (or other marine animal) is filleted and prepared alive, its carcass then put on display for the consumer to witness … Continue reading

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Japan as an Immigrant Nation

During the heady days of the Koizumi era, it was common to see and hear of unusually progressive changes in how Japan worked. That included foreign private equity companies buying and managing Japanese banks, foreign-born naturalized persons elected to the … Continue reading

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Japan’s Border Towns

Japan is an archipelago and has no land border with any neighboring nation. However, several towns and regions take the modern role of “border town” — politically, economically, and culturally. Wakkanai is the northernmost town in Japan and is located … Continue reading

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Like Blind Moles…

Sake-Drenched Postcards has a great account on clashes between far left and far right protestors at Yasukuni Shrine. With photos! Check it out here.

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The Japan-Malaysia Party Politics Parallel

Both Malaysia and Japan are democratic states. Yet both have seen a majority party in control of all branches of government for many decades. In Japan, it’s the Liberal Democratic Party, while in Malaysia, it’s the Barisan Nasional (National Front). … Continue reading

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US says Indian Photos of Cow Slaughter to Damage Bilateral Ties

NEW DEHLI, India – Recent publication of graphic images of cows at an American slaughterhuose released by the Indian Cultural Affairs Office on Thursday mean a stronger legal case against cattle consumption, the Indian government says. Indian government officials have … Continue reading

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The Zimmermann Telegram Feasability Study

Most Americans know that it was the Zimmermann Telegram, sent by Germany to Mexico at the height of World War I, that brought US into the war in Europe. Frustrated with blatant US support of Britain, Germany solicited Mexico to … Continue reading

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Army Wife in Tokyo, 1946

Fascinating story. The luxuries enjoyed by Americans in post-war Japan spread to the rest of the “expat” world and was addressed and criticized in the book The Ugly American.

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From Roy at MF: This is already a week old, but did anyone notice that the very same day US Congressman Mike Honda (D, California) issued yet another call for Japan to issue a more concrete apology to former comfort … Continue reading

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