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Nation States: From Non-Existent to Status Quo

[Part I] Last week, I argued that Kosovo did not actually set a legal precedent for other breakaway regions but instead finally officially asked a question that has been asked for decades but never answered, namely, who gets to become … Continue reading

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Micronations caught on film

First there was “the guidebook”:http://cominganarchy.com/2006/12/07/living-small/ and then “the travelogue”:http://cominganarchy.com/2006/12/07/a-sealand-travelogue/ – now you can get a better look at some of these micronations “through the magic of film”:http://weburbanist.com/2007/12/24/small-strange-and-surreal-3-of-the-most-bizarre-micronations-in-the-world/. Check out the sale of Sealand, the nutter president of Molossia, the bird … Continue reading

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But What Kind of Multilateralism?

A century ago, nationalism led to the breakup of the imperial world order and World War II dismantled the remaining few empires. Since then, the nation-state system was forced upon much of the world, and more specifically, decolonized parts unready … Continue reading

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