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Mexico Reconsiders Drug Policy

America to the rescue. . . I mean blackmail. I salute the Mexican government for being brave enough to publicly reconsider a ridiculous policy. I only wish the US Congress had the prerequisite cojones. Mexico’s Congress opened a three-day debate … Continue reading

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One of Forbes new billionaires: El Chapo

Joaquin Guzman, “El Chapo,” head of Mexico’s Sinaloa cartel, has been recognized by Forbes as one of this years new billionaires. El Chapo (Shorty) narrowly escaped an assassination attempt by a rival cartel in 1993. A few weeks later he … Continue reading

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Want to save Mexico? Rethink drug policy

Last week Chirol posted on the ability of Mexico’s drug cartels to literally send local governments packing. This past week has brought more alarming news, specifically on the political and potential military strength of the cartels. On Tuesday the Washington … Continue reading

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Mini-Government in Exile

From the El Paso Times, my new favorite source for reading about the decline and fall of Mexico: Police are investigating threats against Juárez Mayor Jose Reyes Ferriz, who moved his family to El Paso for safety, El Paso police … Continue reading

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Mexico: Decline & Fall

Each individual has what is called an ‘official future’ they imagine. It is essentially a compilation of assumptions usually based on extending current trends into the future in a linear way. That means assuming the US Dollar will remain the … Continue reading

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The Zimmermann Telegram Feasability Study

Most Americans know that it was the Zimmermann Telegram, sent by Germany to Mexico at the height of World War I, that brought US into the war in Europe. Frustrated with blatant US support of Britain, Germany solicited Mexico to … Continue reading

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Mexico Drug Cartel Map

Inspired by Warfare 2050, image from Stratfor:

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