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Global Corruption Map

Transparency International has released their annual report on state corruption. Click on the above map for an interactive sort that reports the corruption index for each country moused over. The bottom end of this scale are the usual suspects of … Continue reading

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Interactive Ship Traffic Map

Amazing map of ship and port traffic using AIS and accurate up to one hour. Brought you by the U of A Department of Product and Systems Design Engineering. This project is so amazingly useful, I don’t know what to … Continue reading

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What would the world look like if all separatists won?

Infographics designer Theo Deutinger maps out a speculative world of successful non-states. For more Microstate Madness see our posts in micronations and unrepresented states. Link via Shloky who has a whole mess of interesting graphics from Theo.

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Mapping the remotest place on Earth

The New Scientist features a map of the remote. Researchers at the EC’s Joint Research Centre and the World Bank plotted road, rail and river networks to find the world’s most remotest places. From the New Scientist article: Plotted onto … Continue reading

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Web trend map 2009

iA has released the gold master of its latest map of web trends. The map takes the most influential domains and people on the Internet and overlays them onto the Tokyo subway system based on a number of factors. Great … Continue reading

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Where planes go to die

View Larger Map “Airplane Graveyard”:http://www.satellite-sightseer.com/id/1426 at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base.

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The Earth in 14,112 megapixels

Everybody needs a “84,000×168,000px hi-res image of the Earth”:http://www.unearthedoutdoors.net/global_data/true_marble/download right? _Via_ “boingboing.net”:http://www.boingboing.net/2009/01/01/free-high-res-images.html

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