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Qatar’s First Female Judge

HRH Sheikha Maha Al Thani was appointed earlier this year as the first female judge in Qatar, in a move to explicitly aimed at empowering women in the country and making their presence stronger in government. The Sheikha is a … Continue reading

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Did Saudi Arabia bribe the World Bank?

In recent years Saudi Arabia has pursued a program of economic diversification and reform. These reforms have enabled Saudi Arabia to rise substantially in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Index. Saudi Arabia was ranked the 38th easiest place … Continue reading

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Last chance to renounce US citizenship for free!

With no announcement and little warning, the US State Department will, effective July 13, charge US citizens a whopping $450 “processing fee” to renounce citizenship. This change was hidden in the new consular fees issued the other week, which basically … Continue reading

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“The legal profession must be saved from itself”

I speak with some level of qualification — as an underachieving law student who barely survived the nightmarish law school experience and yet managed to have a career (so far!) as a commercial lawyer — when I say that this … Continue reading

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A Lonely Exception to Saudi Naturalization Law

Dubai is often noted as being unique for its large proportion of foreign residents. By some accounts more than 90% of the metropolitan population is foreign. This is not unique to Dubai, or even the UAE — for decades, Saudi … Continue reading

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The Development of Modern Private Law

I was idly thinking about the growth of different systems of civil codes and related systems of law across the globe and came up with this rough graph of the development of modern private law. Comments from fellow amateur legal … Continue reading

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Considering Extra-judicial Killings

Extrajudicial murder has occurred in multiple countries across the globe in the past few weeks. In Nigeria, the leader of a regional Islamic insurgent group was killed by armed forces in their custody after his followers rought violent havoc across … Continue reading

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Saudi Barbarism or Iranian Propaganda?

So I happened across this article and was prepared to post it with a comment on how barbarous this Saudi proposal appeared: A Saudi inventor’s proposal to insert semiconductors subcutaneously in visitors and remotely kill them if they misbehave will … Continue reading

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Urumqi Law Firm Expands

Color me shocked that Coming Anarchy’s favorite regional Chinese capital has a law firm going international, and into the wilds of Central Asia of all places. Urumqi legal market evolving as cross-border trade flows In preparation for the flourishing of … Continue reading

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Downsizing, Licenciement collectif, Risutora — call it what you will, lay-offs are going global

The developed world is accustomed to firing employees when times are hard. But the concept is new for many of the world’s emerging economies. In many cases, the legality and process of how a lay-off even happens is vague. Consider … Continue reading

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