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Azerbaijan Preparing for War?

According to a French negotiator, the usual “progress” (that occurs in all peace talks before they fail) is occurring in current talks between Armenia and Azerbaijan over Nagorno-Karabagh. Yet, far more interesting than the lack of actual information from that … Continue reading

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To Punish or Rehabilitate Russia?

Many saw the SCO as an organization that may one day rival NATO. Regardless of whether that assessment was accurate, more evidence against it has come in the form of China and the SCO’s recent joint statement from Tajikistan in … Continue reading

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Kaplan on Russian Aggression in Georgia

Kaplan has a short, clear and insightful piece up at the Atlantic cutting through the regurgitated cliches and common thinking on the current Russian aggression in Georgia. It begins: Russian troops have established control over South Ossetia and Abkhazia, two … Continue reading

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Berlin Steps in on Abkhazia

While Georgia-Russia tensions have mostly brought involved the US, EU and aforementioned two parties, Germany has stepped in with its own plan for peace in Abkhazia. A Spiegel article notes the plan consists of three phases, Phase one of the … Continue reading

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Use Connectivity to Win Abkhazia

The WSJ has an op-ed on the recent Abkhaz-Georgian-Russian tensions which for anyone following it, offers mainly a summary of the situation up until now recounting especially Georgian mistakes while spending little time on Russia. In fact, it fails to … Continue reading

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Another Day, Another UAV

News from Abkhazia seems to be a broke record these days. The Abkhaz news agency is claiming that two more Georgian drones were shot down today. So what is going on? As far as I can tell, the drone in … Continue reading

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As if on Cue

Just yesterday I again recommended that Georgia aim to internationalize its conflict with Russia over Abkhazia and South Ossetia as its only hope for eventual victory is diplomatic and not military. Today, the headlines seem to confirm that either the … Continue reading

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Another Drone Down?

Globalsecurity.org reports that Abkhazia claims it has shot down yet another Georgian drone, bringing the unconfirmed total to five. They include drones shot down (allegedly) on March 18, April 20th, and two more on May 4th. While Georgia denies the … Continue reading

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Jamestown on Abkhazia

I’ve recently discussed the Georgia/Russia conflict here, here and here. Now, Jamestown weighs in on the Russian troop movements into Abkhazia with additional insight: If indeed the Georgians have massed 1500 troops with some guns in the upper Kodori, they … Continue reading

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To Annex or Annoy?

A question to readers: I recently predicted that hostilities between Georgia and Russia will increase through the end of the year. This is due primarily to Kosovar independence now being used as an ostensible reason to ramp up aggression against … Continue reading

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