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Some local perspective on Aso’s ongoing “free money” debacle

Although everyone is looking forward to getting their “free money”:http://www.mutantfrog.com/2009/03/06/foreigners-of-japan-get-your-free-money/ Prime Minister Aso’s 2-trillion-yen cash handout program remains unpopular. As we get closer to payday things look like they will be getting even worse as Aso has left the responsibility … Continue reading

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DPJ Cognitive Dissonance

Following on this post of last month, I’ll give JPY500 to anyone who can tell me what this recent statement by the Yukio Hatoyama, Secretary General of the Democratic Party of Japan, means: We want to move away from U.S. … Continue reading

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Happy Tsagaan Sar!

Pictured from L to R: Younghusband, Genghis Khan and Roy Berman Last weekend I met up with Roy of “Mutantfrog.com”:http://www.mutantfrog.com/ during his eventful adventure in Nagoya (a soon-to-be-published post). He was just in time for the local celebration of the … Continue reading

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Across the Ocean, from Tokyo to Alaska, by Jeep

In 1957, two intrepid Westerners traveled from Tokyo to Alaska by amphibious jeep, and lived to tell the tale. One half of the duo published a book on the trip, titled Once a Fool. You can read large excerpts of … Continue reading

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Amateurs and Foreign Policy: The DPJ Unleashed

It looks increasingly likely that Japan’s opposition Democrats have a serious shot at taking power in the near future. The party has no experience in government, as Japan’s Liberal Democrats have essentially ruled unchallenged since the 1950s. Were the DPJ … Continue reading

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Weird Japan

There’s plenty of content regarding “weird Japan” on the internet. From goth lolita schoolgirls to humorous “Engrish” to tentacle anime porn, Japan has plenty of material for rubbernecking gawkers. As a long-term resident of Japan, I only post local material … Continue reading

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Global Trends, Part 5: The EU and Japan

The EU and Japan are two major economic and political global powers today. But it’s no secret that, due to aging populations and the rise of BRICs and other competitors, their power will wane in the future. The Global Threats … Continue reading

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MF Investigative Journalism

This is a week old, but following on the General Tamogami essay scandal in Japan a few weeks ago, Roy Berman at Mutantfrog wrote an excellent piece on the suspicious background of the event, and the blog post has just … Continue reading

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Four Years On, a look at America’s Ambassadors to Japan

Adamu has a post at Mutanfrog to note speculation that former Vice President Al Gore may be selected as ambassador to Japan. That has me thinking about the past, present, and future ambassadors to Japan that inspires me to repost … Continue reading

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Why disaster prevention measures in Japan scare me

A zoo in Japan went to extreme measures recently to make sure they were prepared in case a rhino broke loose. Two people wearing a massive rhino costume pranced around while workers practice their response in such an event. First … Continue reading

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