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History of Tokyo subway lines map

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How Kan can get away without changing his cabinet

Comments are closed — please join the fray on this post at MutantFrog.com. Japan’s Democratic Party, which took power in a historic election last year, has suffered a setback as it lost seats in yesterday’s upper house election. While they … Continue reading

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Australia’s “Korean” Foreign Policy

For years I marveled at the emotional and dramatic absurdity of Korea’s foreign policy, particularly as it was directed towards the best political, military and economic friends of Korea, the US and Japan, and how this damaged Korea’s national interests. … Continue reading

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Kaplan in Tokyo Report, Part 2: Reception

Part 2 of my obsessive compulsory coverage of Robert D. Kaplan’s trip to Tokyo. Yours truly with Robert Kaplan, Tokyo, 12 March 2010 After Robert D. Kaplan spoke at the Sasakawa Peace Foundation, I approached him and he graciously invited … Continue reading

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Recalling an Afghanistan Nightmare

As an adherent of the Robert D. Kaplan school of travel, I’m a big fan of overland travel. Given the choice and when time allows, I’d much rather travel by boat, train, or bicycle. Flying is convenient — but it … Continue reading

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The Party’s Over

Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party has ruled Japan almost uninterrupted for the past six decades. It suffered a leadership crisis through the 1990s but managed to keep power largely due to the incompetence of the opposition. In 2001, the party elected … Continue reading

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Japan won’t “just sit and wait for its own death”

North Korea’s increasingly bellicose demeanor, a second nuclear weapons test, various short and long range missile tests have prompted some unusually aggressive policy measures from Japan. Via Asia Times: <blockquote>The Japanese government, led by the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), … Continue reading

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Musical Chairs

Ichiro Ozawa resigned last week as leader of the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) over a fundraising scandal. The opposition democrats had a leadership election on Saturday and were faced with the choice between Yukio Hatoyama and Katsuya Okada, two … Continue reading

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Ikizukuri Sashimi

Ikizukuri (or ikitsukuri or iketsukuri) is a controversial Japanese method of preparing raw fish for consumption in which the fish (or other marine animal) is filleted and prepared alive, its carcass then put on display for the consumer to witness … Continue reading

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A Call for 21st Century Government in Japan

Aceface kindly pointed me to this, a scanned pdf of the Japanese-language “Flying Object Information” form, filled out by hand by a Japan bureaucrat. It contains the basic information on the missile that flew over Japan on Sunday, noting where … Continue reading

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