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The practical Chinese

Love this little tidbit from Jim Fallows at The Atlantic about Chinese companies building a railroad in Saudi Arabia: Some firms would have been put off by the fact that non-Muslims are barred from working in Mecca, so China simply … Continue reading

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Solidarity 2: Mohammed as a dog

Mohammed as a dog by Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks. Predictably, the result: An al-Qaeda front organisation then offered $US100,000 ($A110,730) to anyone who murdered Vilks – with an extra $US50,000 ($A55,365) if his throat was slit – and $US50,000 ($A55,365) … Continue reading

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“Extremely” funny

This movie trailer for Four Lions made me “explode” with laughter. “You are gonna die in that gear, lads.” “S’all for a good cause though…” Innit, though?

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Kaplan on Fort Hood

Robert D. Kaplan hopes that the actions of one radicalized Muslim in the US military does not result in a backlash against all Muslims in the US military: The ultimate strategic goal of al-Qaeda is to turn our struggle with … Continue reading

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Eye of a Potential Storm

[Fabled to be founded by Alexander the Great, the Tajik city of Khojand is a mishmash of Soviet and Islamic ideas. Dorzhiev reports from the front. (See his earlier post here) – YH] Could the clash of civilizations be resolved … Continue reading

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Deny his citizenship

_The Economist_ “reports on”:http://www.economist.com/world/europe/displaystory.cfm?story_id=11751650 the situation of Faiza M., a Moroccan woman who married a French citizen and moved with him back to France. She applied for citizenship and was rejected on the basis that she wore a _burqa_, a … Continue reading

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The Chirol Plan in Action

Two years ago, I discussed the spread of radical Islam by Saudia Arabia and proposed countering the well funded extremist influence with a more moderate and modern version of Islam, namely that of Turkey. Here’s a short version of what … Continue reading

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Dress for success… or else!

The great debate over Islamic dress is not only happening in France and the UK, but also in Islamic countries. The war against cultural imperialism seems to start with outward appearances. I mean one of the great symbols of globalization … Continue reading

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