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Forcing Ourselves to Define & Declare Victory

With all the discussion of the official end to US combat operations in Iraq, a key point for critics and proponents of the war and the current President is whether we have really won. Indeed, approximately 50,000 American troops remain … Continue reading

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The Kalashnikov-wielding Caretaker of St. Joseph’s of Ainkawa

I am home safe and sound after a long weekend in Iraq. The trip was great, and I was amazed at how safe, secure, and accessible northern Iraq is (although I did spend twenty minutes in the only expat bar … Continue reading

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Tally Ho! Curzon is off to Iraq!

I am delighted to be the second ComingAnarchy contributor to visit Iraq, and will fly into Erbil International Airport later today.

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Insurgents Hacking Drone

Fresh from the WSJ this morning.It seems Iraqi insurgents are beginning to steal signals from US drones. Evidence backing John Robb’s Global Guerillas theory seems to mount daily. Here’s the article Militants in Iraq have used $26 off-the-shelf software to … Continue reading

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From Gated Communities to Streets

Several commentators such as John Robb have noted that the war in Iraq is in many ways similar to the Spanish Civil War, foretelling future developments in warfare. So far, we’ve seen new tactics and strategies there being exported around … Continue reading

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Seymour Hersh: Not a fan

On Monday reports emerged regarding some alleged, spectacular claims made by Seymour Hersh during an interview with an Arab television network. The reports claimed during the interview Hersh described vice president Dick Cheney as the kingpin of an “assassination squad” … Continue reading

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A Little Saturday Entertainment

As someone who follows the American debate on second ammendment rights, I came across a fantastic Onion piece that readers will enjoy. So here’s a little something light for the weekend. In The Know: New Iraqi Law Requires Waiting Period … Continue reading

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Kid, I like your spirit, but worry about your judgment

“I get my best travel ideas from the State Department’s travel warning list.” – DAVID CHUNG of Manhattan, on visiting Iraq with a tour group.

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Iran’s influence in post America Iraq

With a rather large exception¹, that has some of his political base less than pleased, President Obama has nailed down his campaign promise for US withdrawal from Iraq. As of August, 2010 Iraq will “officially” enter it’s post America form … Continue reading

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Does Obama have Bush reflexes?

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