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Melian Dialogue re-enactment

A modern re-enactment of the Melian Dialogue. The actors look more like they are from the Empire than ancient Greeks. At least they are not LEGO. Via diggydivision.

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Take back “realism”

One of my favourite podcasts Philosophy Bites recently featured a political philosopher, Raymond Guess, that made me begin to rethink my take on political realism. He describes three different senses in which the term “realism” is used. The first is … Continue reading

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Kaplan’s myopic geographic determinism

Kaplan’s Foreign Policy piece titled The Revenge of Geography stirred up some controversy resulting in pages of criticism on the FP website prompting Kaplan himself to respond. Though I have no problem with the facts in the essay, and enjoyed … Continue reading

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Security theory from an evolutionary perspective

The human mind has increased in sophistication by evolving to the demands of survival over tens of thousands of years. Yet the big brains we have now retain many of the elements and processes of our pre-neolithic ancestors. Examples include … Continue reading

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