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Quote of the Day: Uribe and Chavez Showdown

<blockquote>Be a man! These issues are meant to be discussed in these venues. You’re brave speaking at a distance, but a coward when it comes to talking face to face</blockquote> Colombian President Alvaro Uribe to Venezuelan <del>comedian</del> President Hugo Chavez … Continue reading

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Chavismo meets Basij violence… And agrees

Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez has weighed in on both Iran’s apparent Presidential election and the hubbub that has since erupted: <blockquote>We call on the world to respect Iran because there are attempts to undermine the strength of the Iranian revolution… Ahmadinejad’s … Continue reading

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Quote of the day: Chavismo style

<blockquote>Any military personnel who receives via the Internet, text messaging or other media, electronic mail, offensive messages, criticism or analogies of different natures that are contrary to the system of government presided by our Commander in Chief, Lt. Col. Hugo … Continue reading

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