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Kaplan Article: Talking to the Taliban

Robert Kaplan has a new article out in The Atlantic called Talking to the Taliban (via Arab Media Shack). Kaplan points out that Obama’s new strategy, which consists of convincing Pakistan to sever ties with its long time ally the … Continue reading

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No More ‘Global War on Terrorism’?

Both Chirol and Eddie wrote several years ago that the US should declare victory in the war on terrorism and move on. Britain ultimately took this policy choice and dropped the “bumper sticker” policy slogan. The U.S. under G.W. Bush … Continue reading

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Four Pakistan Scenarios

While recently doing research on Pakistan (my least favorite country in the world), I’ve developed four short scenarios to help myself and others think about alternative futures for that country and the implications for US policy as well as the … Continue reading

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War or Adaptation

I’ve discussed the issue of the War on Terror, specifically its name and whether is is helpful or counterproductive. Curzon also noted that it could become a nebulous war without end. So readers: Can the Global War on Terror really … Continue reading

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