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From Gated Communities to Streets

Several commentators such as John Robb have noted that the war in Iraq is in many ways similar to the Spanish Civil War, foretelling future developments in warfare. So far, we’ve seen new tactics and strategies there being exported around … Continue reading

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The WSJ has yet another sign of the dissolution of political units into ever smaller ones. As the economy worsens and states, cities, communities and families move to, or at least explore, becoming more independent, self-sufficient and resilient, we’ll see … Continue reading

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Sustainable Suburbs, First of Many?

Resilient communities, and resilience as key to a new homeland security strategy and independence of foreign sources of energy, materials, and more, has been an interest of mine for some time. I just recently finished a paper for grad school … Continue reading

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Four Pakistan Scenarios

While recently doing research on Pakistan (my least favorite country in the world), I’ve developed four short scenarios to help myself and others think about alternative futures for that country and the implications for US policy as well as the … Continue reading

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Nuclear Resilience

This is something for John Robb, proof of the ongoing trend of community resilience. Will be interesting to see how/if this pans out. Nuclear power plants smaller than a garden shed and able to power 20,000 homes will be on … Continue reading

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The Big News

As readers have noticed, I haven’t been very active blogging the past few months. This is because I’ve been preparing for a major change which has involved a great deal of work, planning and preparation. What is this secret you … Continue reading

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