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Everyone’s Friend: Oman in the Spotlight

Oman has brokered the release of Sarah Shourd, the US female hiker arrested and detained in Iran last year. She flew from Iran into Muscat yesterday, where she is undergoing medical tests. Omani officials have kept quiet about the details … Continue reading

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The Changing Role of the US Secretary of State

The poorly titled US “Secretary of State” is the chief executive minister for foreign affairs. The mandate of this office has essentially remained unchanged for decades — supervise the conduct of the foreign service, advise the president on foreign policy … Continue reading

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A Joppolo for 21st Century Afghanistan

From Robert D. Kaplan’s groundbreaking piece, Supremacy by Stealth, written in 2003: When I asked Major Paul S. Warren, at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, home of the Army’s Special Operations Command, what serves as the model for a civil-affairs officer … Continue reading

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Oman’s Unique Foreign Policy

Oman is an outlier in the Persian Gulf and in the Arab World. The people are mainly Ibadhi Muslims, a unique sect that is neither Sunni nor Shia. It is the only Arab state with a Sultan (as opposed to … Continue reading

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The Latest Battlefield of the Monroe Doctrine

Chirol was highly critical of the US and international response in providing aid for the Haiti earthquake victims, which set off a comment thread with overwhelming criticism of Chirol’s premise that realistically, Haiti has always always been a disaster and … Continue reading

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Considering Extra-judicial Killings

Extrajudicial murder has occurred in multiple countries across the globe in the past few weeks. In Nigeria, the leader of a regional Islamic insurgent group was killed by armed forces in their custody after his followers rought violent havoc across … Continue reading

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Turkey Looks East

From June 26-30, Turkish President Abdullah Gul visited China, visiting the capital of Beijing, the cultural city of Xi’an, and the heart of Turkic China, Urumqi. His visit brough the signing of major bilateral business cooperation pacts worth more than … Continue reading

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As Mr. Bush would say, “All options are on the table…”

More and more people in the U.S. are becoming less and less shy regarding the possibilities of how the U.S. will act in Afghanistan: U.S. mulling expanded covert war in Pakistan: report WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama and his … Continue reading

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