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Protecting SE Asian SLOCs

Indonesia’s Minister of Defense has “called for maritime security assistance from Japan, China and Korea”:http://www.voanews.com/english/2007-06-03-voa10.cfm. This is big news for two audiences: the World and Japan. First, the Malacca Strait is an extremely important sea line of communication (SLOC, some … Continue reading

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Yum! Latest del.icio.us links

I _love_ “del.icio.us”:http://del.icio.us. I use it quite a bit and it is a godsend for grad students doing thesis work. Here are the latest 10 links I have added to my del.icio.us account: “*US DHS – Cyber Security R & … Continue reading

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Echoes of colonialism

Last month Moscow snatched coveted energy diversification from Europe’s poor, shivering hands by getting the Kazakh president to promise continued gas exportation through Russian infrastructure. “PINR”:http://www.pinr.com/report.php?ac=view_report&report_id=655&language_id=1 comes to a conclusion I think we can all agree with: bq. Russia was … Continue reading

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The Bleak Future of Energy Consumption

According to the Economist, America’s Energy Information Administration released its annual International Energy Outlook and forecast that the world’s consumption of energy would increase by a whopping 57% between 2004 and 2030. And the developed world’s days of taking heat … Continue reading

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