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Hydroelectric Surprise

With all the talk of alternative energy and whether it is indeed a viable replacement for other conventional sources like coal and oil, one interesting case comes to mind. So readers, without looking in Google, Wikipedia or any other source, … Continue reading

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What Energy Dependence???

With the current primaries and upcoming presidential election, on top of rising oil prices, one favorite phrase of candidates and media outlets is energy dependence and energy independence. Yet, outside of buzz words, how dependent is the US on foreign … Continue reading

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Nature magazine has a fascinating article on meeting the power needs of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa with an ambitious network of renewable energies across the region titled “DESERTEC.” In a word, the Sahara Desert would be peppered … Continue reading

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Germany’s Oil Imports

With so much talk about energy and so much focus on the US, here’s a short overview of the situation in Germany. Being at the forefront of alternative energy and in fact the largest producer and user of it, does … Continue reading

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The Pipeline Game and Ceyhan

Can Turkey help stem Europe’s dependence on Russian energy supply? No link for this WSJ article from earlier this month, but worth reading: The Pipeline Game Ceyhan, Turkey — The jetty that juts into the shimmering Gulf of Iskenderun here … Continue reading

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Malacca Strait pwn3d

“An editorial in the Jakarta Post”:http://www.thejakartapost.com/detaileditorial.asp?fileid=20070828.E02&irec=1 lambasts the Indonesian government over its obstinate policies for protecting the Malacca Strait. bq. While we fully support the sovereignty of the three countries [Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore], we also want to remind them … Continue reading

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Myanmar’s Fuel Woes

In June, I posted on Iran’s censorship of the press after its outraged citizens tourched gas stations after unannounced fuel rationing and price hikes. Iran is a major oil exporter, but -has no- does not have enough refineries and must … Continue reading

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The Arctic Cold War: The Canadian Perspective

My post on Russia’s Arctic claim last month is now hot news as Russia plants a flag on the arctic seabed, Denmark and Norway jostle for claims, and the US brushes off Russia’s claims. What about Canada? The Star has … Continue reading

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How the other half lives

This article is one of many excellent articles written by journalist Rukmini Callimachi, whose articles over the last two years make her probably the best current journalist reporting on Africa. Students scrounge for light at Guinea airport CONAKRY, Guinea — … Continue reading

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Another Canal?

Kazakhstan’s Nursultan Nazarbaev, recently made president for life, proposed a new canal linking the Caspian with the Black Sea. Currently, goods flow through the Volga-Don shipping canal, which links the Volga to the Don. It runs from near Astrakhan, Russia … Continue reading

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