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Is the Enlightenment Zero Sum?

The “West” tends to forget the fact that Islamic civilisation in Arab Andalusia was at its height many centuries before David Hume and John Locke, Diderot and Immanuel Kant wrote their epochal works. For two centuries, Arab Andalusia was an … Continue reading

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Educate a boy and you educate only that boy, educate a girl and you educate her entire family. — Sign in a new school for girls in Afghanistan, as reported by Irshad Manji in a speech at Tufts University, March … Continue reading

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“The legal profession must be saved from itself”

I speak with some level of qualification — as an underachieving law student who barely survived the nightmarish law school experience and yet managed to have a career (so far!) as a commercial lawyer — when I say that this … Continue reading

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What Language to Learn?

I’m going to repost as an independent post what I wrote as a comment on one of Chirol’s posts almost four years ago regarding languages, and what languages to learn. I was reminded of this topic because of Younghusband’s post … Continue reading

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Final Frontiers of Academia

Bullshit Promises Curtis Bridgeman Florida State University – College of Law Karen Sandrik affiliation not provided to SSRN September 2, 2008 FSU College of Law, Public Law Research Paper No. 314 Abstract: A few years ago, the philosopher Harry Frankfurt … Continue reading

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