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Pay Up or Blow Up

As the economic downturn continues, might we see things like this increasing, and perhaps one day even occurring in the US? We already saw the recent spate of bossnappings. Workers at a failed French car parts supplier are threatening to … Continue reading

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Bear Diamonds?

Russia’s use of its natural resources and their delivery systems for both tactical and strategic leverage is well known by now. Thus, it is interesting to read this NYT article about Russia stockpiling diamonds and surely no coincidence that the … Continue reading

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Financial Security Advisory System Launched!

Today, the Treasury Department issued an announcement providing for the implementation of a financial security advisory system, recognizing that the world has changed since the sub-prime crisis. The press release was clear about the driving principles behind the introduction of … Continue reading

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Financial Warfare

In Younghusband’s post on Friedman’s talk, another speaker at the same event was James G. Rickards, a consultant at Omnis, who spoke in unique terms about financial threats to national security, and financial warfare. He doesn’t propose the answers or … Continue reading

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Organized Crime and the Financial Crisis

Is organized crime benefiting or suffering from the Financial Crisis? In Japan, the news seems to be generally bad for the mob. The Economist reports that the yakuza are slowly being squeezed out of much of their traditional businesses, to … Continue reading

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The Crisis of Credit, Vizualized

A number of videos and media presentations have been made on the credit crisis, trying to explain the crisis to a simple audience. Most have failed. But this very fun video from crisisofcredit.com does a great job. See the 10 … Continue reading

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Deconstructing the Consequences of “Buy American”

Machiavelli’s Cat has a fun post that plainly points out the macroeconomic consequences of protectionism, following on the heels of the “Buy American” provisions that were added to President Barack Obama’s $820 billion stimulus package. In sum, the stimulus package … Continue reading

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Around the world in The Box

The BBC has been covering the impact of the global economic downturn on the shipping industry from the perspective of a shipping container called simply “The Box”:http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/business/7600180.stm. It is a worm’s eye view of the global economic system, something I … Continue reading

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News Roundup

I have three posts I want to write, but I’ll summarize them into one post. Incidentally, they all peripherally relate to what I expect will be a plummet in tourist travel in Asia, although only the last of three paragraphs … Continue reading

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The Economist Explains the Financial Crisis

The Economist recently launched its audio-visual site, and the material available is worthy viewing. Check it out here.

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