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Internet double standard

Evgeny Morozov bangs his drum again questioning the democratizing power of the Internet. Though I find him overly reactionary, I do generally agree with Morozov. My original master’s thesis proposal was on the Internet as a propaganda tool for clerics … Continue reading

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The Party’s Over

Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party has ruled Japan almost uninterrupted for the past six decades. It suffered a leadership crisis through the 1990s but managed to keep power largely due to the incompetence of the opposition. In 2001, the party elected … Continue reading

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More discussion On Leadership

Long-time blog pal the strategist has been posting on the recurring theme of Leadership as of late. He has two worthy posts What can Chuang Tzu tell us about leading people? and Where can you find good books about leadership? … Continue reading

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On the Independence of Flanders

From tribes to city states to states, humans have always sought security, and used familial ties (constantly redefined) as the links to achieve that. Similarly, humans have an innate need to differentiate themselves whether by family, race, region, culture, religion … Continue reading

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Quick Thoughts on Honduras

As political leaders begin to make statements bordering on the ridiculous, let me briefly recap what has happened in Honduras. Former President Manuel Zelaya, ally of Venezuelan thug in chief Hugo Chavez, sought to illegally hold a referendum on changing … Continue reading

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Female Heads of State and Indirect Democracy

In the wake of Hillary Clinton’s defeat in the democratic presidential primary, some bemoaned “subterranean sexism” in America, where voters would not vote to elect a woman to the highest office. Truth be told, this may have less to do … Continue reading

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Free Speech, Russian Style

Garry Kasparov, Russian chess champion turned Kremlin critic, was giving a speech at a political rally with the theme of restoring democracy. It was attended by about 500 Kremlin critics. The meeting was interripted when pro-Kremlin Young Russia activists launched … Continue reading

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The Economist Still Opposes the Beijing Olympics

From John Micklethwait, Editor in Chief of The Economist: In 2001 The Economist argued against the Olympic games being given to China, making unkind comparisons to the event in Berlin in 1936. Now that the games are about to begin, … Continue reading

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Pinochet v.s. Castro

The Washington Post has a great article about two former dictators dead or near death, Pinochet and Castro, and discusses “the substantive differences between the two”:http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2006/12/11/AR2006121101166.html in a manner similar to how Kaplan (and myself) have approached the issue before: … Continue reading

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Southern Italy Would Turn into Pakistan

The following is part of an email exchange between Chirol and a very close Italian friend. This friend worked at the polls in the recent referendum and had this additional information to add since microstates and devolution have been all … Continue reading

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