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2010 through Google’s eyes

The annual release of the Google’s Zeitgeist has been released. The Official Google Blog announced the release with a fancy video that gives a quick overview of the most searched terms over the past year; while simultaneously featuring many of … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Iraq’s Church Bombing

I was saddened to read of the killing of more than 58 people in the hostage incident in a Catholic church in Baghdad. Al Qaeda claimed responsibility, and simultaneously issued a threat and warning to Coptic Churches in Egypt. Earlier … Continue reading

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Education Will Not Save Us

The Minister mentioned one of the [Sierra Leone] coup’s leaders, Solomon Anthony Joseph Musa, who shot the people who had paid for his schooling, “in order to erase the humiliation and mitigate the power his middle-class sponsors held over him.” … Continue reading

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TSA Security Theater

Looking at the failed attempt by the “Christmas Bomber” to blow up a plane as he flew from Nigeria to Detroit, what can we say of the US government response eight years after 9/11? Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was fortunately thwarted … Continue reading

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