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Deviant globalization

The international organs, drugs, malware and weapons trades (among others) have been growing and flourishing, and the reason is globalization says Nils Gilman a consultant and scenario planner. Well, not regular old Thomas Friedman-style World is Flat type globalization, but … Continue reading

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Don’t Forget the Long Term

(Via Threatswatch) In positive news on the homeland security front, Texas is scanning inmates fingerprints now and forwarding them on to DHS, who can then check the citizenship status of inmates. Thus, deporting violent illegals will become much easier. The … Continue reading

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“Stop calling them pirates”

So says the FP’s Annie Lowery: It’s a sorry, sorry state of affairs. And it suggests two things to me. First, pirate exhaustion looms. (Though we’ve tested the limits on this blog, and found them boundlessly wide.) At one point, … Continue reading

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Transnational crime and street gangs in Oceania

["Pacific Empire's":http://pacificempire.org.nz/ Phil Howison brings us this week's edition of "Oceania Day":http://cominganarchy.com/tag/oceania-day - YH] Home-grown street gangs are a growing threat to Oceania’s island states. In addition, criminal organizations from around the world have taken advantage of the economic vulnerability … Continue reading

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