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Is the Enlightenment Zero Sum?

The “West” tends to forget the fact that Islamic civilisation in Arab Andalusia was at its height many centuries before David Hume and John Locke, Diderot and Immanuel Kant wrote their epochal works. For two centuries, Arab Andalusia was an … Continue reading

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Anatomy of the Velvet Divorce

As World War I came to a close, leaders from the Czech and Slovak ethnic nations of the dissolving Austria-Hungarian Empire met in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to discuss their collective future. They signed the Pittsburgh Agreement and established a unique framework … Continue reading

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Global Trends, Part 5: The EU and Japan

The EU and Japan are two major economic and political global powers today. But it’s no secret that, due to aging populations and the rise of BRICs and other competitors, their power will wane in the future. The Global Threats … Continue reading

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Greenland Independence?

See previous posts regarding fun facts about the coldest inhabited regions of the world, such as France’s Icelands, Iceland’s bankruptcy, banks of seeds, and seeding arctic populations. Tribalization and nationalism in the arctic continues! Following on the push for independence … Continue reading

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The Vega Expedition

Baron Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld was a Finnish geologist and explorer who was the first to chart the northeast passage across Eurasia in 1878. See the map here, and more information here and here. Thanks to Dr. Russel Alfred Wallace for … Continue reading

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China to Afghanistan?

Thanks to Chief Wiggum for the head’s up. Treat this as suspect for the moment, as I’ve only found this article on it so far. But if true, it could be a major turn in Afghanistan. Brown: Chinese may join … Continue reading

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A Tyrant’s Habits Die Hard

Libya is no longer listed as a sponsor of terrorism by the US, but don’t forget that Libya remains a dictatorship ruled at the pleasure of Moammar Gadhafi. Just Wednesday, Libya’s state-owned oil company Tamoil said that it stopped all … Continue reading

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Deny his citizenship

_The Economist_ “reports on”:http://www.economist.com/world/europe/displaystory.cfm?story_id=11751650 the situation of Faiza M., a Moroccan woman who married a French citizen and moved with him back to France. She applied for citizenship and was rejected on the basis that she wore a _burqa_, a … Continue reading

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Bad News for NATO from Germany

With questions about a two-tier system for NATO and concerns about certain members being unreliable or not sharing the burden, a ruling by the German Supreme Court comes as more bad news. The issue this time was the deployment of … Continue reading

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German NSC Sparks Controversy

In 1871, the many German states, previously divided and often at odds with each other, were united under the leadership of Prussia and Otto von Bismarck. Europe had long consisted of a strong France in the west, a divided series … Continue reading

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