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Bordering Kyrgyzstan

[A Ferghana Valley dispatch from serial guest-blogger Dorzhiev. — YH] Driving through the Tajik portion of the Ferghana Valley at dusk our taxi comes to halt. The man riding shotgun hops out to orient himself towards Mecca and perform his … Continue reading

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You don’t need cotton to make cotton candy

[And now a travel dispatch from the front lines of the Fergana Valley from guest blogger code-name: Dorzhiev (seems suspicious) - YH] Chugging up the Syr Daryo at night we look ahead to see swirls of smoke dancing amidst beams … Continue reading

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Tajik transit route deal signed

With the scheduled closure of Manas Airbase in Kyrgyzstan, and increased attacks on Pakistani supply lines, US and NATO forces have been forced to reorganize their supply chain to troops in Afghanistan. The US and NATO have been canvassing countries … Continue reading

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US Persian Policy Realigned

The past six months have made us think that the foreign policy action in 2009 will be seen along the Russia-Georgia border, in Gaza, or off the coast of Somalia. Yet it is Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan where we should … Continue reading

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Speculating on the Kyrgyz DOS attack

The Infowar Monitor “reports”:http://www.infowar-monitor.net/modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=2149&mode=thread&order=0&thold=0 that Kyrgyzstan is under a massive denial of service attack, flatlining three of four ISPs in the country. The attacks are suspected to be both political and commissioned. The cost and manpower requirements to black or … Continue reading

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Germany Renews Afghanistan Mandate

Here is a quick summary of an article in the Tagesschau, a German language news source. Background Under the German constitution, only parliament has the power to send German troops into combat, not the Chancellor. This condition is based on … Continue reading

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All It Takes is One Why

Anyone familiar with Socrates knows his favorite question was why. Those who regularly converse and argue with others, especially about political topics, knows a strategically placed “why” can halt your opponent in his tracks. This simple, yet crucial question is … Continue reading

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What Now in Afghanistan?

With the promotion of General David Petraeus to CENTCOM commander, commentators are questioning what it means for Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan but let’s focus on Afghanistan. On October 7th 2001, the Unites States and United Kingdom launched their attack on … Continue reading

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