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More questions on Wikileaks

There are many more issues surrounding Wikileaks other than the ones I pointed out earlier. Journo and internet historian John Naughton created a handy little mindmap as a guide. The topics are wide-ranging, and it has been an eventful couple … Continue reading

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Questions about WikiLeaks

I have been watching the WikiLeaks fallout, waiting with bated breath to see Robert Kaplan’s take. Turns out, nothing much. He side-stepped any true commentary to pine for a loss of empire. Personally, I have yet to come to a … Continue reading

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KISS: Hitchens on Orwell

In Christopher Hitchens’s interview with EconTalk about his book Why Orwell Matters, Hitchens praises George Orwell on his “plain honest speech, transparent political positions, detestation for euphemism and falsification” and argues (1:00:54~): The job of the intellectual, the so-called public … Continue reading

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It has been determined that these books are not for you

The last map showed America’s dominance in winning Nobel Prizes. Via Bill Petti on Twitter comes today’s map showing book bans and challenges by state in America over the past three years. Is your state on the list? Some of … Continue reading

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You may speak freely now

A victory over “linguistic oppression”:http://cominganarchy.com/2008/11/27/university-education-meets-stasi/: bq. Yesterday a three-person panel charged with examining the program recommended that it be terminated and the university took immediate action. The panel’s report was critical of the way the program was introduced to the … Continue reading

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The Great Firewall of China the UK?

Once again the Internet throws a spanner in the works for 20th century, nation-based legal frameworks. “*UK ISPs Filtering Access to Wikipedia*”:http://www.readwriteweb.com/archives/uk_isps_filtering_access_to_wi.php ZDNet is reporting that six British ISPs are filtering access to Wikipedia as a result of the site … Continue reading

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University education meets Stasi

bq. …Queen’s University’s plans to hire six students as “dialogue facilitators.” Their job will be to intervene in conversations they overhear among students in dining halls and common rooms in which topics of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, disability and … Continue reading

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Goddamn religious censorship

There has been a round of religiously motivated censorship recently that I would like to draw everyone’s attention to. First is the anti-Koran film “Fitna”:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fitna_%28film%29 which was pulled from LiveLeak due to threats “according to the Underwire”:http://blog.wired.com/underwire/2008/03/dutch-film-fitn.html. Dan originally “had … Continue reading

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Net news

The Internet has been in a lot of headlines the past few weeks. Here is a roundup of net-related news I found interesting: h3. The Past Preserving digital information for posterity is a serious problem. Getty Images has poured a … Continue reading

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