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Bringing Hamas to the table

Former head of Mossad, Efraim Halevy, has an op-ed up at the New Republic entitled “Why not Hamas?” In it he suggests that the policy of excluding Hamas from the increasingly implausible Israeli-Palestinian peace talks has not only failed but … Continue reading

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Mexico’s drug war spreads south

The late 1980′s saw a logistical shift in the international drugs trafficking corridor between the US and Colombia. The traditional entry point for cocaine being shipped into the United States slid west from Florida under increased enforcement State side. Colombian … Continue reading

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Why does Iran want nukes?

With recent revelations of a previously undisclosed Iranian nuclear facility for uranium enrichment and a recent fit of long range missile testing, the issue of Iran’s nuclear ambition is reaching critical mass. However, what’s lost in the frenzy of media … Continue reading

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Kashmir’s “cyber-resistance”

As demonstrated in the aftermath of Iran’s presidential elections, the internet proves an effective battleground (and remarkably level playing field) for political struggle and information warfare. Recently a video put together by a group of young men in Kashmir, apparently … Continue reading

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Has Hezbollah finally “matured?”

Many Western governments heaved a hefty sigh of relief when Lebanon’s pro-Western political bloc unexpectedly took Monday’s elections. What I find to be particularly interesting is the conciliatory reaction of the opposition’s most infamous and militant faction, Hezbollah. To wit: … Continue reading

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Is China finally fed up with North Korea?

This Washington Post article presents a “fed up” China, <blockquote>The Chinese Foreign Ministry has admonished North Korea by saying it is “resolutely opposed” to the nuclear and missile tests. Official government news reports have proclaimed that China is “shocked” by … Continue reading

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Iran’s influence in post America Iraq

With a rather large exception¹, that has some of his political base less than pleased, President Obama has nailed down his campaign promise for US withdrawal from Iraq. As of August, 2010 Iraq will “officially” enter it’s post America form … Continue reading

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OIF Original Aims

Five years and going, the Iraq War has been subject to more spin, hyperbole and misinformation that anything else in our time. According to Douglas Feith, in his new book War and Decision, the two biggest errors of the Bush … Continue reading

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As if on Cue

Just yesterday I again recommended that Georgia aim to internationalize its conflict with Russia over Abkhazia and South Ossetia as its only hope for eventual victory is diplomatic and not military. Today, the headlines seem to confirm that either the … Continue reading

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What Now in Afghanistan?

With the promotion of General David Petraeus to CENTCOM commander, commentators are questioning what it means for Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan but let’s focus on Afghanistan. On October 7th 2001, the Unites States and United Kingdom launched their attack on … Continue reading

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