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The Chirol Plan in Action

Two years ago, I discussed the spread of radical Islam by Saudia Arabia and proposed countering the well funded extremist influence with a more moderate and modern version of Islam, namely that of Turkey. Here’s a short version of what … Continue reading

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A Half-Step Forward

For such a seemingly insignificant piece of cloth, the headscarf has been at the center of controversy in both Europe and Turkey. While Europeans want to ban or limit wearing overtly religious clothing and symbols in public schools, Turkey has … Continue reading

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Zoroastrian Hindus

Thanks to Dr. Alfred Russel Wallace for this fascinating online article on Zoroastrian Hindus in modern-day Azerbaijian from a travelogue dating from the 1920s, translated and posted by Soli Dastur. About hundred to two hundred years ago, our Hindustan used … Continue reading

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Dress for success… or else!

The great debate over Islamic dress is not only happening in France and the UK, but also in Islamic countries. The war against cultural imperialism seems to start with outward appearances. I mean one of the great symbols of globalization … Continue reading

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Napoleon v.s. the Vatican

Yet another guest post by Dr. A. R. Wallace. Henry VIII’s difficulties with Papal power are notorious. But few know that Napoleon Bonaparte had some problems of his own with the Pope. And he dealt with these problems in a … Continue reading

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Jesus, here we go again…

After “stepping on people’s toes”: in 1988 Martin Scorsese “finally gets the nod”: Now “another great director”: is looking to be ignored by the Academy.

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The End of History, Part 1: England

First in a three part series. This blog is not a diary, and we authors don’t share much about our personal lives. I’d like to take an exception here today as I pass on a story from the “old country,” … Continue reading

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“There are no atheists in a foxhole”

Following up on our “Xmas atheism discussion”: here is another angle on faith: religion on the battlefield. A “recent Canadian press article”: looks at troops on the ground in Afghanistan and their change in religiosity. bq. “I don’t normally think … Continue reading

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Xmas doubt edition

Two articles I ran across today on “popurls”: seemed to have impeccable timing: Christmas Eve. The first is an LA Times piece called “10 myths — and 10 truths — about atheism”:,0,3994298.story?coll=la-opinion-rightrail by Sam Harris, an authour on the topic … Continue reading

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Christmas Eve at Nittaiji

In 1904, as a sign of good relations between Thailand and Japan, King Chulalongkorn the Great (Rama V) of Thailand, honoured Japan with a gift: one of the bones of the Buddha. Japan built a temple to house the bone. … Continue reading

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