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The World Upside Down

The following is a screenshot of Today’s Zaman, an English-language Turkish newspaper. One headline struck me: One has to wonder if this is indeed a mistake or meant seriously. When soldiers are martyred (an incorrect use of the term anyway … Continue reading

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Goodbye Bumper Sticker Slogan

Britain officially drops “War on Terror” rhetoric. Brown, it seems, has concluded that the war rhetoric employed by Blair was divisive, threatening social peace between communities in Britain, and counterproductive, making it harder to turn the British Muslim community into … Continue reading

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IEDs Make Their Way to Turkey

While Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) are nothing new, they are increasingly finding their way to other conflicts across the globe. Once unheard of in Afghanistan, they are now used with increasing frequency. But Iraq and Afghanistan aren’t the only ones. … Continue reading

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Are the Insurgents Bored?

While Al-Jazeera seems to be overlooking the car bombs found in London, this interesting piece was prominently displayed on their website: Vigilantes target Iraq porn surfers Ibraheem Abdel-Qahar was tortured and made to drink his own urine and chicken blood … Continue reading

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Bombs Continue in Turkey

Diyarbakir, March 2007 One tends to noticed bombs in places he’s been. A few weeks ago there was a bomb in Erbil, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan which I’d recently visited. Today, although unsurprising, there’s been a bombing in Diyarbakir, … Continue reading

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Bottom up Big Brother

This is a very neat idea. Bring counter terrorism to the people. DHS Wants Cell Phones to Detect Chemical, Radioactive Material American cell phones can already check e-mail, surf the Internet and store music, but they could have a new … Continue reading

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Iraqi Exports to the US – GG’s in America

It seems global guerrilla infrastructure attacks aren’t just being exported from Iraq to Afghanistan, but also to the United States. This breaking news story of a disrupted plot in NYC is just a taste of what’s to come: NEW YORK … Continue reading

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Damned if you do, damned if you don’t? Or just one thankless rogue?

By reading Chirol’s recent travelogue posts (which I am personally loving), one would think that the Balkan people who hate America the most are the Serbs. First, the Albanian view: The waiter asked where I’m from in decent English. “America”Â? … Continue reading

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Abe in ME

After his first visit to the US, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe took a seven day trip through the Middle East visiting Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar and Egypt. Two interesting things (in my mind) happened on this … Continue reading

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TO READ: Brave New War

A new book on global “stragery” has hit the shelves, and it looks to be turning a few heads. “Brave New War”: is written by the venerable “John Robb”: of “Global Guerillas”:, a fascinating blog on “the first epochal war … Continue reading

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