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Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right…

This post could be subtitled: Why I find American politics tedious. I steer clear of online political forums, read very few blatantly partisan blogs (though the few that do rest in my rss reader are excellent) and typically flip past … Continue reading

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The Character of Japan

Which of the following statements comes closest to describing how you feel, on the whole, about the people who live in Japan? The Japanese people will always want to go to war to make themselves as powerful as possible – … Continue reading

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Barnett on Mugabe, Chavez, and Stalin

In response to my post on Mugabe’s support from his neighbors, Dr. Tom Barnett responds: Curzon wonders how Mugabe holds on, despite all the obvious damage he’s done to his nation’s economy. First, there is the devious deal-making with outsiders. … Continue reading

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What is the basis of Mugabe’s support?

In the late 1990s, Robert Mugabe began confiscating private property of (white) farmers in a rather disgusting “land redistribution” plan. That was the beginning of Zimbabwe’s nightmare. Overnight the country was turned from the breadbasket of Africa to a food … Continue reading

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Iceland’s Althingi up for grabs

Heh heh… _Althingi_… Iceland’s parliament — a.k.a. the “Althingi”: — is one of the world’s oldest, established by vikings in 930AD. Tonight it is up for grabs in a “neck-and-neck race”: between environmentalists and big industry. Iceland’s national election probably … Continue reading

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Electing Women

In the wake of Socialist Ségolène Royal’s defeat in France’s presidential election, the WSJ has a fascinating article on the dynamics involved in electing women in modern politics. Voters polled across the developed world overwhelmingly say they aren’t opposed to … Continue reading

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Dress Rehearsal

The Economist has an excellent article on the experiment in democracy in Bhutan, ruled by one of the world’s few remaining non-constitutional monarchies. When the former king died in 1972, countries such as Portugal, Greece and Thailanad, some might have … Continue reading

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Yeltsin Passes

Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin, first President of the Russian Federation from 1991 to 1999, the first President of the Russian Federation, passed away yesterday. Yeltsin brought enormous political change and the introduction of liberal democracy, but the collapse of the USSR … Continue reading

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Harsh words

Saudi King Finds Fault With Arab Leadership Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah told Arab leaders gathered here Wednesday that they were to blame for the civil strife and divisions plaguing the Arab world. Speaking at the opening of the Arab summit, … Continue reading

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The Other Fascist Candidate for Governor of Tokyo

CA readers who also follow comrade blog may have noticed that it has been down for a few days — they are currently facing difficulties with stunningly crappy host service In the meantime, Adamu of MF forwarded me … Continue reading

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