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The Scramble For…well…Everything

The Scramble for Africa was a quick proliferation of often conflicting European colonial claims on Africa. While imperialism was initially an indirect process, i.e. ruling or influencing the through locals, it ultimately led to outright annexation and centralized control of … Continue reading

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A Civil Service Proposal

A recent post at FP Passport notes that around 60% of American teenagers are basically uninterested in what’s happening, including the Iraq war. It concludes: “I bet that if the military draft came back, though, you’d suddenly find U.S. teens … Continue reading

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Criminal Law in North Korea

This article from the Japanese edition of the JoongAngIilbo about criminal law in North Korea is just too good not to translate. * Is prostitution a crime in Korea? The answer is, it depends on how many times you do … Continue reading

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Lest I be criticized for being soft on Nazis…

…let me start by saying that I think Hitler, the German Nazi regime, and the ideology behind it was very, very evil. With that disclosure, let’s move on to the subject of this post: Maurice Papon was born in 1910 … Continue reading

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He must have a pretty cool “Out of the Office” Autoresponder

I can’t really think of a cooler reason for a leave of absence.

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How to make friends and influence people?

What should a free society do when an organization arises in its midst to call for the overthrowing of the government to replace it with an Islamic superstate? That is a question that Australian officials may be facing shortly: About … Continue reading

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Why am I not surprised?

A map of the signatory states to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. Countries not signatories: Cuba, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Oman, Pakistan, China, Burma, Laos, Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, Brunei, and a few scattered states. Via Wikipedia. … Continue reading

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Ahh, Travel Warnings

I happened across this on the State Dept travel warning site and thought I’d post it. Sobering heads-up to the state of law and order across the globe, and probably a surprise to many Americans who expect to be read … Continue reading

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Hussein Execution: Curzon’s Two Cents

The controversy surrounding Hussein’s execution has been aggravated by a crude video of the hanging in the last hours of 2006. This probably goes without saying, but be warned that this is a poor-quality snuff film and shouldn’t be viewed … Continue reading

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Hussein Execution Upheld: 30-day Countdown

An Iraqi appeals court has upheld a ruling that Saddam Hussein should hang for crimes against humanity. Under the statute governing the Iraqi High Tribunal, the death sentence must be carried out within the next 30 days. A number of … Continue reading

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