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It had to start sometime

Despite beheading videos having gone out of style for Jihadis in Iraq, it seems that one Russian extremist group is starting to copy the tactic. According to Radio Free Europe, A Russian ultranationalist group has posted a video on its … Continue reading

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In the words of the Reverend Rodney King Jr…

People ask me why I love the Sopranos. One big reason is the rampant abuse of the English language, as shown in brief in this authorized preview. The series comes to an end in three weeks.

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The history of â™¥

Previous posts in this series have covered Jews in England, salt, and chili pepper. In a recent episode of The Tudors, a love letter from King Henry VIII to the future Queen Anne bears a “heart” symbol. Seeing it’s usage … Continue reading

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Gagging teh Internets

Seems there is a widespread crackdown on my favourite media outlet this week. A few days ago, the Internet clearing house for leaked official documents “ was shut down”: A sad day for freedom of information on the Web. “The … Continue reading

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First Spanglish, now Hinglish

Sent by a colleague; comments below. Changing lingo: Hinglish in, English out LONDON: Hinglish, Chinglish and Spanglish are as English as the language traditionally said to belong to the British Queen, a revolutionary new prescription says, arguing that new arrivals … Continue reading

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The military, innovation and language

Regular citizens have the military to thank for many innovations that we use daily. If it wasn’t for military innovation we wouldn’t have cellphones or the Internet. During the Second World War the US Army re-organized its petroleum supply structure. … Continue reading

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Delivery and visuals

Something you may not know about me: I am big on giving presentations. I like to “design them”:, I like to “read about them”: and I am down on all the “latest methods”: I have even won some recognition for … Continue reading

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The blame game

Read the full comic.

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Fighting the media war – Web 2.0 edition

Who says you can’t learn anything watching The Colbert Report? The Multi-National Force in Iraq has set up a YouTube channel to “give viewers around the world a “boots on the ground” perspective of Operation Iraqi Freedom from those who … Continue reading

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Style over substance

This irks me a bit. Slate’s “Ryan Grim wrote”: : bq. The 14 male sailors were dressed in snazzy if ill-fitting suits, stylishly without ties; the female sailor was decked in what looked to be clothes from a Tehran thrift … Continue reading

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