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Climate Change science gets a stern talking to

I won’t bore you by recounting the various, glaring missteps the climate change science community has made recently. I think those discrepancies have been broadly covered, dismissed by the believers and slavered over by the uber-skeptics. Indeed the pundit shit … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day: Uribe and Chavez Showdown

<blockquote>Be a man! These issues are meant to be discussed in these venues. You’re brave speaking at a distance, but a coward when it comes to talking face to face</blockquote> Colombian President Alvaro Uribe to Venezuelan <del>comedian</del> President Hugo Chavez … Continue reading

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How else to express my reaction to the African Union’s selection of Zimbabwe for a seat on it’s Peace and Security Council? <blockquote>The Peace and Security Council is concerned with resolving conflicts between member states and with helping sort out … Continue reading

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Pirate Stock Exchange Open for Business

For those still peddling the line that piracy is carried out by poor, starving Africans, victimized by evil European fisherman, this article not only provides evidence to the contrary, but speaks to the advanced nature of it in both a … Continue reading

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Making the case for legalized drugs

Nearly four decades after President Nixon declared a “war on drugs” and one trillion dollars spent prosecuting that war, drugs have become more attainable, cheaper and  potent. You’d think fourteen years of prohibition would have left a lasting lesson for … Continue reading

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From Analysis to Action

One criticism this author has always had of the US intelligence community relates not to their actions specifically, but rather to the overall structure and culture of the organizations, namely that they are too analytically oriented and not operationaly oriented. … Continue reading

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America is now the planets most admired country

At least according to this study. Keep in mind this finding pre-dates President Barrack Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize award. The National Brands Index rates countries based on a 20 nation survey of people who rate states on the following categories: … Continue reading

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Honeymooner’s delight: Saddam’s bed?!

I’ll give them an A for capitalistic effort but this is creepy. For a mere £150 ($220), the newly wed can spend a night in Saddam Hussein’s bed. SOME might think it macabre but Iraq is offering honeymooners the chance … Continue reading

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Rio de Janeiro to wall off slums

While President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva was busy making an ass of himself, the government of Rio de Janeiro was busy constructing walls to contain a social and visual blight from spreading into the pristine forests that surround the … Continue reading

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The Scramble For…well…Everything

The Scramble for Africa was a quick proliferation of often conflicting European colonial claims on Africa. While imperialism was initially an indirect process, i.e. ruling or influencing the through locals, it ultimately led to outright annexation and centralized control of … Continue reading

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