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The Kingdom of Sarawak and the White Rajahs

Ponder for a moment the peculiar borders of Malaysia. It is the only country in the world, or at least the only one in its weight class (get out of here, Equitorial Guinea!) that is half continent and half island. … Continue reading

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Nation States: From Non-Existent to Status Quo

[Part I] Last week, I argued that Kosovo did not actually set a legal precedent for other breakaway regions but instead finally officially asked a question that has been asked for decades but never answered, namely, who gets to become … Continue reading

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Tag der deutschen Einheit

Today, October 3rd, is the Day of German Unification celebrating the reunification of East and West. As the joke goes, East Germans celebrate the fall of the Berlin Wall and West Germans mourn it. An unforgettable moment for the world, … Continue reading

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Zoroastrian Hindus

Thanks to Dr. Alfred Russel Wallace for this fascinating online article on Zoroastrian Hindus in modern-day Azerbaijian from a travelogue dating from the 1920s, translated and posted by Soli Dastur. About hundred to two hundred years ago, our Hindustan used … Continue reading

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13 minutes with Fergie on Iraq

“Fareed Zakaria interviews Niall Ferguson”: in an episode of “Foreign Exchange”: Old Fergie has a thing or two to say about Iraq, comparing it to the Eastern Europe of the 20th century of all places! Give it a look below … Continue reading

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“Trust in the Gods But Verify”

Following Curzon’s interesting post on the historicity of the heart symbol my blog of “recent discovery”: — Kent’s Imperative — calls for new insights and interpretations on “historical intelligence studies”: We at Coming Anarchy highly endorse looking to the past, … Continue reading

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The history of â™¥

Previous posts in this series have covered Jews in England, salt, and chili pepper. In a recent episode of The Tudors, a love letter from King Henry VIII to the future Queen Anne bears a “heart” symbol. Seeing it’s usage … Continue reading

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120 years of Roman History in 40 hours

22 hours of Rome, 12 hours of I, Claudius, and 6 hours of Masada The turn of the millenia two thousand years ago is perhaps the most tumultuous period of Roman history that changed the face of Europe forever. Several … Continue reading

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Napoleon v.s. the Vatican

Yet another guest post by Dr. A. R. Wallace. Henry VIII’s difficulties with Papal power are notorious. But few know that Napoleon Bonaparte had some problems of his own with the Pope. And he dealt with these problems in a … Continue reading

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Historical Myths

“Here’s list of twenty”: via “popurls”:

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