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German NSC Sparks Controversy

In 1871, the many German states, previously divided and often at odds with each other, were united under the leadership of Prussia and Otto von Bismarck. Europe had long consisted of a strong France in the west, a divided series … Continue reading

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War or Adaptation

I’ve discussed the issue of the War on Terror, specifically its name and whether is is helpful or counterproductive. Curzon also noted that it could become a nebulous war without end. So readers: Can the Global War on Terror really … Continue reading

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Whack a Mole in Failed States

Yesterday’s air strike against terrorist Aden Hashi Ayro has met with mixed feelings. While some extoll it as a step forward for Somalia and a tactical victory for the United States, others claim it is another mistake leading to the … Continue reading

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What Now in Afghanistan?

With the promotion of General David Petraeus to CENTCOM commander, commentators are questioning what it means for Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan but let’s focus on Afghanistan. On October 7th 2001, the Unites States and United Kingdom launched their attack on … Continue reading

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Deterence And the Missile Shield

As is common with most things dominating the news cycle, important background explanations and underlying principles are often if not always left inadequately answered or not touched on at all. One such example is the US missile shield which now … Continue reading

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Ungoverned Megacities

The head of the Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND), Germany’s foreign intelligence agency, has made an unusually public statement for a man and indeed an agency that usually remains invisible. [...] Mumbai, Mexico City and Jakarta, saying they had become partially ungovernable. He … Continue reading

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The Future of Terrorism

Could this be the the kind of future terrorism we’ll face? The cost of an attack is almost zero and the returns in the hundreds of millions of dollars, if not billions. No bomb making or specialist training necessary. An … Continue reading

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Uncommon Sense II

Continuing from my previous post… Iraq is a mess:With the world so polarized and so much media coverage on the matter, it’s no surprise Iraq is a black and white issue. As always, reality refuses to agree with anyone in … Continue reading

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From Yemen to Djibouti via Bin Laden

Recently, we along with many others have been discussing the new African Command (AfriCom) of the US military. It’s temporary quarters is here in Stuttgart, Germany. Yet, a rather interesting geopolitical development could be threatening its mission, namely a bridge … Continue reading

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Germany Then and Now

[Introductory post] Sixteen years after the end of the Cold War, many still speak about it as they would other past events. Yet, despite the fall of the USSR being obvious, the effects it has had on other countries seem … Continue reading

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