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Satirizing Home Grown Terrorists

A brief clip from the film “The Four Lions,” which presents four bumbling would be home grown jihadists in the UK. Via Political Warfare

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A dangerous world; optimism in a time of pessimism

While I’m a fan and admirer of the journalist responsible for the theme of this blog, I am not a practitioner of his self proclaimed ethos, “pessimistic realism.” When asked during an interview for our first ever pod cast to … Continue reading

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American COIN in America

For a while now I’ve considered the plausibility or, perhaps, inevitability of insurgent tactics witnessed in Iraq and Afghanistan making their way west and finding a new home in the violent counter culture that is the American gangland. Thankfully we … Continue reading

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Pirate Stock Exchange Open for Business

For those still peddling the line that piracy is carried out by poor, starving Africans, victimized by evil European fisherman, this article not only provides evidence to the contrary, but speaks to the advanced nature of it in both a … Continue reading

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Don’t execute Khalid Sheik Mohammed

I’m trying to understand US Attorney General Holder’s decision to try 9/11 “mastermind,” Khalid Sheik Muhammed, in a domestic court of law. Proponents state that KSM will be given a more fair trial in a federal court than what he … Continue reading

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Mexico’s cartels are corrupting US law enforcement

If you think the extent of Mexico’s cartel incursion into the US is limited to increased violence in border towns, think again. <blockquote>…less widely reported is the infiltration and corruption of American law enforcement, according to Robert Killebrew, a retired … Continue reading

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Mexico’s drug war spreads south

The late 1980′s saw a logistical shift in the international drugs trafficking corridor between the US and Colombia. The traditional entry point for cocaine being shipped into the United States slid west from Florida under increased enforcement State side. Colombian … Continue reading

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Yet another end of civilization scenario

An experimental super flu escapes a military installation and wipes out 99% of human kind. Four scourges ride and bring about global calamity and strife. Reports of the inevitability of a large meteor strike and the resulting apocalypse. The fictional, … Continue reading

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One of Forbes new billionaires: El Chapo

Joaquin Guzman, “El Chapo,” head of Mexico’s Sinaloa cartel, has been recognized by Forbes as one of this years new billionaires. El Chapo (Shorty) narrowly escaped an assassination attempt by a rival cartel in 1993. A few weeks later he … Continue reading

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The Scramble For…well…Everything

The Scramble for Africa was a quick proliferation of often conflicting European colonial claims on Africa. While imperialism was initially an indirect process, i.e. ruling or influencing the through locals, it ultimately led to outright annexation and centralized control of … Continue reading

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