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What Now in Afghanistan?

With the promotion of General David Petraeus to CENTCOM commander, commentators are questioning what it means for Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan but let’s focus on Afghanistan. On October 7th 2001, the Unites States and United Kingdom launched their attack on … Continue reading

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A Half-Step Forward

For such a seemingly insignificant piece of cloth, the headscarf has been at the center of controversy in both Europe and Turkey. While Europeans want to ban or limit wearing overtly religious clothing and symbols in public schools, Turkey has … Continue reading

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Dress Rehearsal

The Economist has an excellent article on the experiment in democracy in Bhutan, ruled by one of the world’s few remaining non-constitutional monarchies. When the former king died in 1972, countries such as Portugal, Greece and Thailanad, some might have … Continue reading

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Pinochet v.s. Castro

The Washington Post has a great article about two former dictators dead or near death, Pinochet and Castro, and discusses “the substantive differences between the two”: in a manner similar to how Kaplan (and myself) have approached the issue before: … Continue reading

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Southern Italy Would Turn into Pakistan

The following is part of an email exchange between Chirol and a very close Italian friend. This friend worked at the polls in the recent referendum and had this additional information to add since microstates and devolution have been all … Continue reading

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The Devolution Caravan Keeps Moving

Oh ye of little faith! Microstates are coming. In the Balkans, you could write it off as Yugoslav leftovers. In Spain, perhaps some legacy of the Spanish Civil War. Today it’s Scotland. And the trend is becoming clearer by the … Continue reading

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Post-Colonial Bosnia

Foreign Policy’s blog notes the next major change in the Balkans: The End of Trusteeship? Bosnia’s international supervisor, Christian Schwarz-Schilling, has announced that his position will self-destruct by mid-2007. After that time, he’ll merely be the EU’s special representative to … Continue reading

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Independence Inc.

Not long ago, I discussed the idea of a coming wave of microstates. One of the objections of some to independence for small areas like Kosovo or Abkhazia not to mention huge obstacles, is a lack of qualified people to … Continue reading

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Cutting out the Middle Man

Yesterday it was strength in numbers. Today it’s efficiency alone. It seems Montenegro may have been the straw that broke the camel’s back. Readers will surely have read by now that Catalonia has opted for yet more autonomy within Spain. … Continue reading

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The Coming Micro-States

The effects of Montenegro’s recent independence and Kosovo’s predicted independence are already rippling far beyond the Balkans. If Montenegro, a geographically small country of some 600,000 people, can achieve independence, why too shouldn’t others such as South Ossetia, Nagorno-Karbagh or … Continue reading

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